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The Good Friday Agreement // Summer Downloads

The Good Friday Agreement // Summer Downloads

This morning we are doing praise and worship of the sun, it seems that our dreams of picnics, BBQ’s, being a top rooftops, ice cream, the cool side of the pillow after a hot night are all about to come true.

The other awesome thing is that we are now within touching distance of a gorgeous weekend, and we can’t wait for it all to begin.  Summer Loving has happened at last!!! So, how do we make a day like this a bit lovelier?  Well, what we do soeurs and frères is that we hook you up with a roundup of DIY freeness, and let you bask in the magic that only a free download can provide you with.

Here it is lovers our summer inspired free download and outdoorsy round up.  Good Sunny Friday people, Good Sunny Friday!

eat drink chic The Good Friday Agreement // Summer Downloads Summer Download inspiration good friday downloads  inspiration found and beautiful gallery

Paper Popsicle Memory Game via Eat Drink Chic

Ice Cream Gift Tags via Eat Drink Chic

(the photographic glory goes to Eat Drink Chic)

DIY Picnic Basket Project via Ever Kelly

Heart Shaped Fan Program Hello Lucky

DIY Picnic Blanket via Twig & Thistle

You know that this post would not be complete without DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince… SUMMERTIME!

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