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Liz & Phil // A Jubilee Engagement

May 21, 2012  |  Inspiration, Styled Shoot

In the first person narrative: In a bar in Shoreditch with Babbs, actually it is Laura Babb, but I call her Babbs because I like the way that it sounds.  Anyhow, Babbs says to me ‘I have this shoot, it is on a council estate, with a couple in  Jubilee Masks (Liz and Phil),  it’s nuts but I think you’ll like it’ *okay the last part of that isn’t exact… but I was a few drinks in, on a cupcake lined stomach.

So, then I said ‘You know that I be cray of course I’ll feature it’, so this is a fun (although slightly creepy) Jubilee inspired e-shoot.  I love it, but then… we all know despite all the pretty on this blog I do like to take a detour down Leftfield Avenue; and half the joy that I get is from someone doing their own creative thing, marching to the beat of their own drumbeat, and doing it different.  So here is to the super creative Babb, I salute her pictorial shenanigans!  Let photography tomfoolery begin!

Laura Babb Main Liz & Phil // A Jubilee Engagement What would Liz and Phil do Queens Jubilee Jubilee 2012  styled shoot inspiration

The photographic glory goes to: Babb Photo

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  1. I photographed The Queen and Prince Phillip. Kind of. http://t.co/smJOxGoC – please RT #goldenjubilee #thequeen

  2. OMG!! Seriously funny. Check out this shoot by @BabbPhoto http://t.co/29eZdG51 on @beyondbeyond365 #jubilee

  3. @planetjedward You will love my funny pics of The Queen! Please RT if you do, lovely JedWards. http://t.co/smJOxGoC

  4. OMG! Too funny and too creepy. Are they G&T flavoured cookie pops?
    Jaye Cole | Tux and Tales Photography recently posted..Nathan & Michelle Got Married ! | Wedding Photography York

  5. Engagement shoot with Liz and Phil! Amazing… and creepy. But mostly amazing! http://t.co/c87L13sa

  6. @Queen_UK Fabulous photoshoot -one really knows how to enjoy her pimms. http://t.co/29eZdG51

  7. Amazing.
    Queenie is looking very stylish in her pink tights!

  8. See this from @BabbPhoto!
    “I photographed The Queen and Prince Phillip. Kind of. http://t.co/4POnWOq5 – please RT #goldenjubilee #thequeen”

  9. Genius! RT @BabbPhoto I photographed The Queen and Prince Phillip. Kind of. http://t.co/7eXMPBYR #goldenjubilee #thequeen

  10. We actually LOVE this.. favourite jubilee shoot ever!!! @BabbPhoto @beyondbeyond365 http://t.co/BWAlU1Uv hillarious!

  11. I photographed the Queen and Prince Phillip drinking Pimms from a mug.
    http://t.co/smJOxGoC #Jubilee #TheQueen #Pimms #MUG

  12. @Queen_UK The photoshoot I did with you is live! http://t.co/smJOxGoC

  13. I must ask Liz where she got those amazing pink tights from…

  14. This shoot is INSANE. And I love it.
    Gaby – SouthBound Bride recently posted..Real Wedding at the Mount Nelson Hotel {Heide & Gregg}

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