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Gifted | No.5

Gifted | No.5

March 2, 2015  |  Found and beautiful, Gift, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

It’s a bit of rejig in terms of the order – as we are in the process of overhauling the schedule again – we just keep on tweaking thangs we can’t help ourselves!  So this afternoon it will be gifted for the last time in this time slot – and apologies for the lack of Monday Lovely Monday – it will be Tuesday instead.

So, if you had the chance to do the conga and the bar was free then you need to get the couple something gorgeous and these are our picks for gifted this week!

Triangle Removable Wall Paper

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Let Them Eat Coconut Lime Curd Cake

Let Them Eat Coconut Lime Curd Cake

It’s spring but we are treating this like the tropics – simply beautiful weather deserves a tropical bit of cake to go with it.  Step up this coconut lime curd cake it is magnificent!


See the full recipe over on Herznah.net a little Google translate will help proceedings as this recipe is not in English!

A John & Yoko Mixtape Love

A John & Yoko Mixtape Love

February 27, 2015  |  Inspiration, Mixtape Love, Music  |  No Comments

Well, we can’t believe that we missed this couple in all the years (yes years) that we’ve been doing mixtape love.   We like this couple as they are nice and controversial and it is a guy who put his boo before his bros…

Broke up a group too…

It has to about John and Yoko…


On their time together Yoko shared:  “In a way both John and I ruined our careers by getting together, although we weren’t aware of it at the time.” The avante garde artist married the rockstar and the rest of pop culture history.

john and yoko

Oh, these two encapsulated a time and place that we truly wish we could revisit – they’re love affair runs from 1969 – 1980; archetypal and iconic let’s take a musical journey with this couple. Salute to Mr John Lennon – Rest in Power. It’s time for John & Yoko mixtape love

A John & Yoko Mixtape Love from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

*from Chrissy Iley  27 Mar 2012

Green Water |Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kashmir | Led Zepplin, The Who |Who are you, BB King | The Thrill is Gone, Band of Gold | Freda Payne,  Oye Como Va, Carlos Santana | Oooh Child, The Five Stairsteps | It’s too Late, Carol King | The Who, Who Are You| Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed |Golden Earring, Radar Love | Lady Marmalade, LaBelle | Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith | Kiss and Say Goodbye, Manhattans | Easy, Commodores | Miss You, Rolling Stones | London Calling, The Clash |Call Me, Blondie

A Safari So Good Scheme & Dream

A Safari So Good Scheme & Dream

Well, its favourite day of the week which is FRIDAY aka FREEDAY, your cocktail hour begins right here, go on do it at your desk – for real!!! But, it also means that it is time for one of our favourite posts scheming and dreaming.


Our colour crushing is on a gorgeous couple and the most splendid of dresses, and the stunning image is from Emilia Jane – see the full wedding over on her blog, and the gorgeous couple Diane & Dan.