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Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

This is technically a DIY but this is just so pretty it needs to be a scheme that makes you dream.  See the full tutorial which is in French by the way… although some translation tool will get you through it.  But, this is forking awesome! (A weeny bit of morning obscenity using ing on the end of fork – brilliance).  *Does back flip and performs perfect split, now the awesomeness of the morning is absolute*.

See the full tutorial magic up on Griottes.

scheming and dreaming90 Scheming and Dreaming scheming and dreaming. DIY Project colour inspiration  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration found and beautiful diy

Belle Amour Bamboozlement!  AMAZE CAKE!!!!

Belle Amour Bamboozlement! AMAZE CAKE!!!!

belle amour Belle Amour Bamboozlement!  AMAZE CAKE!!!! wedding cake inspiration wedding cake idea cake Belle amour  wedding inspiration wedding food inspiration diy

We can’t quite express how much we love the lovely Debs of Belle Amour. She is the loveliest, unassuming, gorgeous and crafty person we know and she deserves mucho props.

Our mind pretty much exploded like a grenade during a Viet-cong assault in the 1970’s.  What can we say other than this cake is amaze!  Totally mind-blowing munnchableness! Debs, we salute you!  See more of Debs Cake Bakey magic over on Belle Amour!

And yes we know that it is a birthday cake… but we reckon that this could be adapted to be a rather incredible wedding cake!

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow

March 27, 2012  |  DIY, DIY Ideas  |  3 Comments

Fellow Fellow Cupids Arrow place cards Inspiration ideas DIY  gallery diy

Talk about being struck by cupid’s arrow – we love this darling project that we spied on Oh Crafts and Fellow Fellow, what an amaze little project to try out!  We love it!!! The perfect way to say guest marks the spot! Non? Head on over to Fellow Fellow and learn how to make these lovelies

A Heart Shaped Box

January 25, 2012  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, Inspiration  |  3 Comments

We love oldies but goodies, and in digital terms this is what the world has come to: 2009 is vintage kids.   Our hands, wizened, type away on our old keyboard and remember simpler times of phones that were not as smart as us, having to change the remote control by physically touching buttons.  Now, you can scream expletives and gesticulate wildly while the black mirror does your bidding.  Seriously Isaac Asimov was on point, I Robot is a documentary – science fact, not science fiction kids.

In the land of 2009, we found some pretty comfort in the form of My Little Valentine boxes from Brooke Reynolds, of Inchmark she be a design genius!)  We love these V day boxes, but we thought that if you rework them right you can have some pretty nifty name tags for your big day!

inchmark main A Heart Shaped Box Inchmark Journal Heart shaped box DIY Project DIY inspiration  inspiration gallery diy

We loves them to see the full design fury and how Brooke put together these wonderful little boxes of whimsy – get thee to her blog.

Spurious Nirvana… yup, thought so..