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The Crane

The Crane

October 4, 2012  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, Inspiration  |  No Comments

We aren’t talking martial arts moves, it is all about the making of the paper cranes!  If you like these pretties as either a stunning wedding backdrop or altar decor, or simply something to pimp the wedding tables – then you will  love this tutorial from Ana Maria Paramo Velasquez. Get your fold on!

Let them eat cake...

Let them eat cake…

Less let them eat cake and more decorate cake in awesomeness…  this project that we scoped, thought was dope, and mentally eloped with is from our new blog crush (and photography crush) the Paper Pony, however the lovely Raya who made this pretty cake pimpage is on a minor hiatus as she has had a little one *awwwwww*.  So, in order to get your make on head on over to the Paper Pony.  How we love.  If you are looking for more glitter soaked inspiration check out our last theme; it was all About the Glitter.

The photographic and project glory go to the: the Paper Pony

And in other cake related shenanigans we had some booky wooks that we were giving away and winners are:

Helen Ellner wins the Peggy Porschen Book

& the Amy Atlas book goes to… Julie Davies


The Good Friday Agreement // Thank You Very Much

The Good Friday Agreement // Thank You Very Much

July 6, 2012  |  DIY, DIY weddings, Gift, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

We say that we are gonna give you stuff but we prefer at present to live vicariously through other designers skill sets.  Today, we tell thee that you should thank Hey Look for the DIY goodness that abounds in this here blog post.

So, they’ve came, they’ve seen, and conquered the dessert table and you want to thank your guest for their trouble and being part of the big day hooray.  Then give them something in a pretty package sort of your own making

The photographic and project glory go to: Hey Look

Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

This is technically a DIY but this is just so pretty it needs to be a scheme that makes you dream.  See the full tutorial which is in French by the way… although some translation tool will get you through it.  But, this is forking awesome! (A weeny bit of morning obscenity using ing on the end of fork – brilliance).  *Does back flip and performs perfect split, now the awesomeness of the morning is absolute*.

See the full tutorial magic up on Griottes.