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Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow

March 27, 2012  |  DIY, DIY Ideas  |  3 Comments

Talk about being struck by cupid’s arrow – we love this darling project that we spied on Oh Crafts and Fellow Fellow, what an amaze little project to try out!  We love it!!! The perfect way to say guest marks the spot! Non? Head on over to Fellow Fellow and learn how to make these lovelies

A Heart Shaped Box

January 25, 2012  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, Inspiration  |  3 Comments

We love oldies but goodies, and in digital terms this is what the world has come to: 2009 is vintage kids.   Our hands, wizened, type away on our old keyboard and remember simpler times of phones that were not as smart as us, having to change the remote control by physically touching buttons.  Now, you can scream expletives and gesticulate wildly while the black mirror does your bidding.  Seriously Isaac Asimov was on point, I Robot is a documentary – science fact, not science fiction kids.

In the land of 2009, we found some pretty comfort in the form of My Little Valentine boxes from Brooke Reynolds, of Inchmark she be a design genius!)  We love these V day boxes, but we thought that if you rework them right you can have some pretty nifty name tags for your big day!

We loves them to see the full design fury and how Brooke put together these wonderful little boxes of whimsy – get thee to her blog.

Spurious Nirvana… yup, thought so..

P.S I made this

P.S I made this

December 15, 2011  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, Found and beautiful, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

We kind of had a ‘how in holy hotness did we miss this!!!!!!!!!!’ moment… but seriously can’t believe we had the luck of stumbling upon P.S. I made this.  It is a little awesome corner of the unknown cyber universe that we have only just found.  We feel like the astronomers who discovered Kepler 22b… like woah!

Anyhoo, before we dissolve into anymore admiration and woah-ness, we thought that we should let you know that you can make the awesome with the aid of this site, and for all of you sexy crafty people there is a book too. So have a little adventure and we picked this headband because it has bridal deliciousness glue gunned all over it!

The photographic and tutorial glory goes to: P.S I made this

On the Tiles

On the Tiles

When we give you DIY to do over the weekend you know that it is only gonna be that of the amazeballs variety.   So, when we spied this via The Cottage Home we thought that these would be the perfect thing to make either as a placeholder keepsake… or a brilliantly cheep and cheerful wedding favour.

Whatever your decision – go and see how to make these bad boys on the Cottage Home right now as we believe that this make and do notion is the bomb.com.  Deuces you gorgeous people have a wunderbar weekend of wonderment *throws the dubs up and pimp struts into the weekend*