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May 30, 2011  |  DIY, DIY weddings, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

When we were ickle bits the best part of the year was Xmas and the crepe paper.  We know, we know that it is way too early to be talking about Yule time.  But, it certainly isn’t too soon to play with crepe paper as evidenced by this luscious tutorial.  If you have a sewing machine handy, and the skills to pay the bills then you need to be getting your make on with these gorgeous crepe paper flowers.   Work your paper alchemy with this rather awesome tutorial from the fantastic Today’s Fabulous Finds

Craft Crepe tastical! Todays Fabulous Finds paper flowers D.I.Y tutorial Crepe paper  inspiration diy weddings diy

The Photographic glory goes to: Today’s Fabulous Finds

Divine Vines

Divine Vines

Whether it is good luck and good fortune, or the fact that global warming has kicked in; in Blighty we are experiencing one of the driest months ever. So for those of you who are having outdoor nuptial shenanigans there is hope of wedding fun in the sun.

And what could be better for outdoor wedding party lushness than pom pom vines!  This delicious tutorial comes from the design mind that is Rifle Design (Rifle design kill us with their amazing design skils). And this full tutorial can be viewed and must be viewed on Once Wed! Totally stunning… time wethinks to get your make on! Ahem… Full tutorial here

make it Divine Vines Rifle Paper Pom Poms D.I.Y inspiration D.I.Y idea  inspiration found and beautiful diy weddings diy

Image credit: Anna at Rifle Design and Once Wed

No Flagging!

No Flagging!

Make yourself a brew, grab a slice of cake – put your maker hat on and get on down with your bad craft selves.  We are not flagging (terrible pun) in our love for DIY deets and this gorgeous project that we found on The Yuppie Lifestyle is a supreme make.  Look at the finished goods, they are super fine aren’t they?  *crafter sigh*… Get your make on!

found and beautiful29 No Flagging! Wedding inspiration wedding idea Make Flags DIY Wedding DIY  inspiration found and beautiful diy weddings diy

Image Credit: The Yuppie Lifestyle

An Arty Hearty Garland

An Arty Hearty Garland

We may have developed quite the  affliction
We have caught a very bad case of DIY addiction

The rhyming confession of Beyond Beyond.

We promised ourselves over in Beyond Beyond towers that we were banned from any  activities that filled the house with more toot, particularly as the rather harassed husband has been rather annoyed with stepping on wacom tablets, scissors, and dress pins.  Yep, the home is a cross between Battle Royale and the Krypton factor.  This time around we are in love with a beautiful and cutiful heart punch garland check on this crafty goodness at Grace and Light where a full photographic tutorial awaits… happy making!

hearts craft An Arty Hearty Garland Inspiration ideas heart garland DIY  inspiration found and beautiful diy weddings diy

The photographic glory goes to: Grace and Light