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With this Bling: Sunday Owl

With this Bling: Sunday Owl

December 4, 2014  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration, Jewellery  |  1 Comment

Oh Sunday Owl, you are spoiling us visually with all your ring finger pretty.  These beautifully unique rings are something special and are a nice meander off the path of traditional engagement and wedding rings.

You know how we roll in a jewellery sense, so dear hearts these are a few of our favourite bling things.

Berry pink rose sapphire ring

A handmade engagement ring. Charcoal grey diamond

sweet rustic wedding bad

A simple engagement ring. Rose cut diamond ring.

Top to bottom: Berry pink rose cut sapphire ring, A handmade engagement ring. Charcoal grey diamond, A sweet rustic wedding band, A simple engagement ring. Rose cut diamond ring

Barefoot Beach Scheme & Dream

Barefoot Beach Scheme & Dream

We feel like trolls putting this up… it is the wrong season (unless you elope to the sunset) but today is all about beach fabulous-ness.  It is a barefoot bride kind of scheme and a dream! Image via Happy Wedd


Bo & Luca: The West Azur Collection

Bo & Luca: The West Azur Collection

For this afternoon’s delight let your imagination take flights… excuse the cheesy attempt at rhyme. But, these dresses from Bo & Luca deserve a ditty as they are sublimely pretty (oops, we are a bit Britney and we did it again!).

The dresses are from the brand new West Azur collection.

Learn more about the brand and visit their website here.

The photographic glory goes to: Our Carousel Studios

Bo & Luca West Azur  8

Bo & Luca West Azur 2

Bo & Luca West Azur 3

Bo & Luca West Azur 4

Bo & Luca West Azur 5

Bo & Luca West Azur 6

Bo & Luca West Azur 7

Bo & Luca West Azur 9

Bo & Luca West Azur 10

Bo & Luca West Azur 11

Bo & Luca West Azur 12

Bo & Luca West Azur 13

Bo & Luca West Azur 14

Bo & Luca West Azur 15

Bo & Luca West Azur 16

Bo & Luca West Azur 17

Bo & Luca West Azur 18

Bo & Luca West Azur

With This Bling: Make Pie Not War

With This Bling: Make Pie Not War

November 27, 2014  |  Found and beautiful, Gift, Inspiration, Jewellery  |  No Comments

We have developed a bit of a gif addiction of late. However, these made us excited… queue array of excited gifs over all these amazing pretties from Make Pie Not War!

excited baby

crazy dance

The Voice

As we our preferred face of choice is ‘Resting B*tch’ face (it’s the austerity version of Botox) it’s better that canny and creative folk emote for us in ways that are not possible.   We do dour so good that we make Wednesday Adams, look like Pharrell in the Happy Video – and it is a look that we a very happy to have perfected.

However, this bling from Make Pie Not War (but not from an orient far) were so gorgeous we did actually have to pry out lips open and flash some porcelain and for reals, we think that these would be absolutely amazing to give you your bridal home girl crew.

So, because we believe in treats before trauma, we think there might be a post wedding blog called I survived confetti trauma with EFT, affirmation podcasts, and some kind of twelve step recovery structure.  We might even rope Brené Brown in to do a special talk about post wedding shame. Anyway, less digression and more progression…

We had to pick a few of our favourite bling things and our top choices are *drum roll*

Ampersand Rose Gold Bracelet

Say it Stamped Ring

BFF Set Ampersand Gold

Double Heart Necklace

Top to bottom: Ampersand Gold Bracelet, Say it Stamped Ring, Double Heart Necklace , BFF Set Gold