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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well, it’s Monday and I’m back apologies for the unexpected hiatus; I disappeared like a Malaysian Airplane! but I was ill (bleeugh) and since I believe in the tenet ‘Your health is your wealth’ I forced myself to do nowt.  That was a killer. I like honouring my commitments and my schedule but no way and no how was I going to function under my usual modus operandi of pushing on through.

Sorry if you missed me: but I am back!

Saying that I’m back though is one part of it the following needs to be shared too!

Updates on two fronts pretty things to see on the blog will begin rolling out from the first week of April – my first priority are my client projects: so you’ll have to excuse me while I catch up on those bad boys first. But as I’ve threatened that’s imminent.

Also, the new magazine will be on its way shortly too! Keep them peeled for that lovers and lovelies.

So, although there will be no mixtape as I’ve been music free (I’ve been foetal style laid out for days – Amma was not about music, I did do a little pinning though!).  However, there are links and crushes.  So, let’s get into it and make this Monday lovely.


{The photographic glory goes to:  Love Made Visible via Southbound Bride}

Honeycomb backdrop with shelves via Green Wedding Shoes

Rustic California Wedding: Alex and Spencer via 100 Layer Cake

The lovely Kelly has launched a Boho Life check it out!

Zac Posen Collection Dave’s Bridal via Bridal Musings

Woodland Fairytale Bridal Wedding via Southbound Bride


Jasika Nicole – the only thing that I did watch whilst sick was old episodes of Scandal – my favourite episode was 752 – not only is Jasika an amazing actress I love her blog too! Check it out!

With that lovers, it is nose to the grindstone and head to the stars time for me and I’ll see you for cake later… okay?

High Tea Gorgeousness

High Tea Gorgeousness

This picture right here in he works of Mr Q-Tip, is a vivrant thing and this colour soaked image is from a beautiful South African High Tea shoot, not only is it making us lust after warmer climes.  It has us feenin’ for some warmer climes too! The stunning image was lensed by Christine Meintjes; and you can see the full unadulterated gorgeousness over on Munaluchi Bride.


The photographic glory goes to: Christine Meintjes

LED Wedding Sign Pimpage!

LED Wedding Sign Pimpage!

This a million times this!!! It is foamcore wedding décor porn and we loves it!  This is LED signage perfection and yes we care about photography, but every so often you need something salacious and over the top to throw into the wedding mix.  You can get these bad boys from Patent Pending Projects – a whole lot of wedding design love!

il_570xN.556063075_7vsn il_570xN.556063095_eq10

Let’s end Tuesday with a spurious song! Signs – you see what we are trying to do, go on give us dap, it’s damn good punning! If you can’t take a bad joke at the very least… chair dance!

Let them Eat Mini Cake

Let them Eat Mini Cake

Sometimes all it takes is a phrase to make the heart melt and get the stomach rumbling like a steam locomotive – and that phrase is ‘mini cake’ it is what a kill word is to a dog, except instead of killing people we murder sponge, devour icing, and hoover up crumbs.


This is something rather special – and although we believe in having cake minions if you fancy trying your hand and making delicious, then let your cursor take you over to Handmade Charlotte, where you can see the full recipe by The Vanilla Bean Blog and let them eat mini cake.

The photographic glory goes to The Vanilla Bean Blog