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Dreamy Boudoir Wear from Girl With a Serious Dream

Dreamy Boudoir Wear from Girl With a Serious Dream

It might be day, but we are already contemplating the night and do you know what we love a good set of undies.

Apart from being told on repeated occasions that should we be hit by a vehicle, that we are not to upset the ambulance worker by having such a lethal looking set of underwear that they’d have to be removed by a biohazard team.

What you want is them to stop coo over how the set is gorgeous (but not too long as one it’s bordering on David Cronenberg ‘Crash’ territory – and we’d kind of like to live to see another day so them getting us to a hospital suite, toute suite would be the ideal scenario.

For reals we want to live!

Anyway, getting away from traffic accidents and bringing it back to the land of weddings it is all about being boudoir sexy and the collection that is pulling the sighs out of us this afternoon are these delectable from Girl With a Serious Dream.

Ain’t they fiery pits of hell hot!

If you want to be so smokin’ that you are virtually carcinogenic then these are a few of our faves.


Venentian mask


Top to bottom: Fleur Le Resort Tulip French Lace & Silk Bridal Kimono Robe In Garnet
, Rayna Alencon Lace Boudoir Blindfold Venetian Eye Mask, Samantha Silk Kimono Bridal Robe Bridesmaids Robes in Blush

If you are serious about causing palpations in the bedroom of have an older husband who is quite wealthy that you are looking to bump off *cough Dana Lavette Cody* then  this is for you.

Okay, we were a bit mean about Dana – we could be wrong, it could be love…

For more loveliness visit: Girl With a Serious Dream.

Get Knotted with Elifina Designs

Get Knotted with Elifina Designs

This is one of those rarer than steak (that’s how we like ours with Sophie’s Steak sauce, it is super special!) that break up and wedding will be mentioned in the same sentence, but most weddings tend to be a whole lot of white magic.

Nothing wrong with that.

Prevailing wedding culture has dictated that most wedding dresses are white.

However, if you have the urge to break things up a bit while still holding onto tradition then look no further than these gorgeous statement necklaces from Elfina designs, and we need to say that we are big fans of these knot necklaces.

However here is a smidgen of all the awesomeness, there is quite a lot to behold in store, but here is a little bit of the things that we fancied!

Big Knot Necklace Coral

Big sailor knot necklace
blue knot necklace

flower knot statement necklace

Top to the bottom: Big Knot Coral Necklace, Sailor Knot Black and White necklace, Blue Knot Necklace, Flower Knot Statement Necklace

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Good Morning you lovely Monday people! How are we doing?  You know each week I apologise and go right back to disorganised shenanigans.

Well, yup I’m doing it again!  I tells you restructuring is always a bee+yotch (but I am getting there!)

However, unlike Rob Ford – I am not blaming my evil twin I’m taking responsibility for my shizz.

So, I’m not bringing you flower or stretching to buying jewellery you deserve diamonds but I can only give you cubic zirconia. However, I can most certainly give you some hot links and a mixtape.

I’m not going to do a ‘Say Anything’ style by playing a mixtape over the top of my head from a ghettoblaster – but trust me my intentions are since.


This is my fab five of things that I loved this week!

Vineet & Dan’s gorgeous engagement via Green Wedding Shoes

An intimate family only wedding via The Wedding Chicks

Wes Anderson Inspired stationery via Grey Likes Weddings

Big Fat Hungarian Wedding via Boho Weddings & Events

The North Carolina Wedding of Michael & Kelli via Munaluchi Bride

The Crush

In a world of Pinterest perfect images where the food is laid out at various right angles, usually on a wooden or slate table, with salt/flower/herbs* delete as appropriate – and to be honest the picture is potentially better than the way that the food tastes.

A chef who keeps the meal real is a rare gem that must be extolled.  Forget about those pin princes and princesses.  This week’s crush is the delightfully inappropriate Aunt Fee.  She is what food bloggers should aspire to be and she is a little bit awesome. PS this is NOT WORK SAFE!

It’s time to throw some Monday shapes with a mixtape with a touch of new Queen Bey + the Minaj.  So, if you can get away with dropping while it’s hot at the desktop then feel free to do so.  I’ll see you a little later for a bit of cake.

Monday Lovely Monday 1.16 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

Adios lovers!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!


Big tears, tiny tears, all kinds of tears.

Well considering the epic heatwave, this is one way to keep ourselves cool even if our envy is raging white hot.

So, can we give a side eye and a ‘damn’ to this rather delectable invitation suite.

Raxenne Maniquiz 2


All we can say is that thank goodness for the fact that is ice cream season as we can eat our feels guilt free.  The stationery suite glory goes to Raxenne Maniquiz.

Design so good it cuts like a knife we tell you,  like a knife!

Raxenne Maniquiz 1 Raxenne Maniquiz 3 Raxenne Maniquiz 4