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Delicious Dariami

Delicious Dariami

November 12, 2013  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration, Jewellery  |  2 Comments

We’ve got so caught in pimping the bride, not literally however we bet there is an app for that.

But, what we mean is we got all kinds of caught up in what the bride might wear or do that we’ve neglected the bridal home girl posse – you know your people to hold you down, and we want to help with prettying them up (but not too much we want to dull their hotness enough that they don’t outshine you) –  We are that thoughtful, cynical and ruthless, all at the same time.

So, what are the weapons of adornment that we think your girls are allowed to have?  Well, we are all about these right hurr from Dariami.

Studs we love…


And how do you like dem apples?


And if you have little people to consider, not dwarves – although we are thinking of holding a telefon – we want Miley Cyrus to leave little people alone.  This is wrong.


Oh and we want her to leave dead hip hop artists alone too, Biggie and Pac were resting in piece until that musical jezebel had someone make a dress out of a t-shirt that deserved to be mounted a wall in Perspex.  It is the most painful episode in hip hop history since Will.i.am decided to have the time of his life alongside his Black Eyed Pea acolytes.

Anyway… let’s end that rant and get to the point, when we were thinking of little people we were thinking along the lines of flower girls.  We love these little crowns bobby pins.  Are they not adorable?



Anyhoo, all of this goodness (minus Cyrus) is available at Dariami.  Say thank you, lovers.

Best of the Guest: Shifts + Black and Yellow

Best of the Guest: Shifts + Black and Yellow

Oh Fashion Foray Tuesdays, how we love you – it’s time for us to traipse the streets looking for the best that the there is on offer.  Get your nails done, hair did, and more than that let’s get some shoe and outfit love going on too!

It’s time lovers for it all to begin


Grizzly Studded Courts… hubba + hubba come to Mama – get them from Topshop


We are loving her guest style! See this lovely lady and all the rest over on Swoonedmagazine.com (The photographic glory goes to: Kristen Marie


It’s all about this Shift Teal Lace dress from ASOS, oh we love! As is or with a big fat juicy statement belt



{The photographic glory goes to Magazine: Allure Russia August 2013 // Title: It’s Fantastic // PhotographerWalter Chin // ModelEniko Mihalik // Stylist: Anya Ziourova // HairItalo Gregorio // Make upMakky. P at Streeters //Nails: Kiyo Okada}

‘Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow’ we trill in a salute to Mr Khalifa – so it’s all about a black and yellow inspired tutorial! Make those peepers pop in a colour salute to Hip Hop and get your learn on with Emma Scarlett Hazel


{The photographic glory goes to Photos by Getty Images (Naomi Watts photo by Rex) via Bridal Musings – get more side sweep inspiration in this post)

Waves like their *expletive* surfing, quoth our husband J.Cole… if you feel like sportin’ some waves then this tutorial is for you lovers, from AKMakeup1

And if you want to transform short locks to long then try this quick weave tutorial from the Urban Glamazon

We are giving you the right to do this, you are never too old for Hello Kitty nails, you should do this and we would like to see results.

Let Them Eat Gold Cake with a Flower

Let Them Eat Gold Cake with a Flower

We want to eat the whole thing – in fact taste buds be damned! As even if that flower isn’t made of icing, we kind of hope that by rolling it around our mouths for long enough alongside the other cakey goodness will make it digestible.

Yes. We know that there are edible flowers, but that isn’t the point… we were paying homage to the gorgeous cake; Oy!


Anyone, we love this gorgeous two tiered beauty that we spied over on Everlytrue, it is just gaw + jus!!!

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Welcome to Monday, I am running around like a bat outta hell…

Yesirr cue spurious meatloaf…

It’s all a bit busy around these here parts! Yeesh!  And it’s not cool bloggy tech stuff – it’s the more mundane day to day, e.g. washing clothes and doing a bit of DIY!  However, it don’t matter how busy life gets; my day has to have a bit of wedding, a bit of pretty and a bit of my own brand of habitual line stepping witty.

The only big news item that I have to share this week is that I’m proud to be able to share that Beyond The Magazine is a finalist in two categories for the Digital Magazine Awards.  I’m grateful that my little babushka is finalist, but even more grateful that it exists and it wouldn’t if it hadn’t been for the incredible contributors to both Editions 1 & 2. You are all bloody marvellous so thanks for being part of this project/journey.


Also big thanks of the week goes to the lovely Babb Photo, who is the shutter bug behind a project that will be going live at Xmas! Despite being ill she was utterly awesome, so my high five for the week goes to that lovely lady!

So, I’ve done the part where I’ve droned on about myself – and now it is time to get my groove on in terms of link swag, pretty finds and whatnot!  So let the love begin!



The photographic glory goes to:  Tino & Pip 

Turkish inspired Restaurant Wedding via London Bride

Chaotic Chilean Wedding María & José via Rock n Roll Bride

Anya & Terrence Southern Wedding via Rock n Roll Bride

A Safari Wedding in Botswana via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

French inspired organic wedding ideas via Once Wed

Nicole Scherzinger

I’m all about this lady at the moment, it was the disco hair that did it.  Despite the fact that I’m having an X Factor free winter – gotta love the Scherzinger.

A bit like my laundry this is a rinse and repeat kind of post, but ready yourselves lovers – I’m on an epic design run so I have a whole load of newness in the upcoming weeks.  Believe me!  However, good advice always stands the test of the time.  Let it go!

Wallpaper Monday Lovely Monday Wedding inspiration wedding ideas Wallpaper Quvenzhané Wallis! Link Love girl crush  wedding inspiration wedding blog love inspiration found and beautiful

let it go large Monday Lovely Monday Wedding inspiration wedding ideas Wallpaper Quvenzhané Wallis! Link Love girl crush  wedding inspiration wedding blog love inspiration found and beautiful


1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1280 x 1024

1024 x 768

It’s not Monday without a mixtape – this was the soundtrack to my week in the making of the blog.See you later, gators xoxo

Monday Lovely Monday Session 1.1 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.