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A Dress Called Imogen

A Dress Called Imogen

It might be the ‘ween people, but the only thing scary about this dress is just how beautiful it is.

This bridal gown from Folded Roses, made us fold like foil lace magic and bringing literal sexy back.  It’s hella good.  By the way her name is Imogen.



Gaze at more gorgeous gown-age over at Folded roses.

Best of the Guest: Darkness Falls

Best of the Guest: Darkness Falls

The clocks have gone back the air is a crisp, and the darkness is falling – so we are all about the darkness in this week’s best of the guest. Since it is sweet shoesday, we are all about these strapless suede shoes from Office




That all inclusive bridal group shot – we want all those dresses, in all those different shades. Glass Jar Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


This dress – palpatations, credit card panic stations it’s not just a must have it’s a lust have!!!  Jacquard Dress from & Other Stories



{Image via Eyeshadow Lipstick}

MagazineVolt Cafe January 2013 // Title: Brooklyn Chic // PhotographerJenny Brough
ModelVick Sirotyuk @ Storm Models // Fashion: Jo Shippen @ OB Represents
Makeup: Maria Asadi using Smashbox Cosmetics, Lord Berry Cosmetics and Una Brennan Skincare
Hair: Paul Merritt @ Jed Root using Unite // Nails: Stephanie Staunton using Ciate // Hair Assistant: Stefano Mazzoleni // Retoucher: Monica Chamorro // Layout: Rebecca Hawkes

Those lips – give us dark red or kill us dead – rock and roll this colour and get your education from here via It’s my Raye Raye


It’s all about getting knotted – top knotted, get your hair did in this tutorial by Imogen Foxy Locks

And for natural hair in this one from Naturally Kay Kay

The Wedding Tattyoo

The Wedding Tattyoo

Some people worry about tattoo regret, we don’t we love them and are in the process of sketching up more permanent pretties.  However, you might just want to add a smidgen of temporary Tattoo glamour on you big day hooray.

We love these gorgeous pretties from Tattyoo, they have a mean line in temporary body art which makes for wedding shenanigans galore, and we think that they are the perfect item to give guests at a little favour for the day. If you send an email through you can get custom designs for you day, lovers – the Paris based Mister M Studio can help you out with that good stuff.

But, right here and now we are just going to let you swoon over these dreamy images lensed by Swiss Photographer Matthieu Spohn

Tattyoo_0005 Tattyoo_0001 Tattyoo_0002 Tattyoo_0003 Tattyoo_0004


Making a Ezza statement!

Making a Ezza statement!

A demure dress deserves something jaw dropping, boisterous, bold and beautiful when it comes to accessorising; and we believe that we may have found the perfect match for your big day hooray attire.  We are all over these like ketchup on French fries.  These being the gorgeous statement necklace pieces from Ezza Exclusives – so these are a few of our favourite things!

Ezza Exclusives_0019

Ezza Exclusives_0022

Ezza Exclusives_0021

Ezza Exclusives_0020

From top to bottom: Bridal Swarovski Crystal Vintage Bib Wedding Necklace, Rhinestone Beaded Bib Statement Necklace, Emerald Green Stone Gold Snakechain Abstract Architectural Draped Necklace, Neon and Swarovski crystal statement stud earrings