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A Shani Blumfeld Kind of Love

A Shani Blumfeld Kind of Love

It’s the fairy lights that got us!  We are doing a big ass switswoo over all of these lovely dresses – it’s making our Italian widow inspired mille feuille of black seem super miserable, we want to be skipping around the office clad in this here fine wedding raiment.

And the who is the couture queen responsible for all of this well it is the awesome Shani Blumfeld – so these are a few of our most favourite wedding dress things!

Glamourous open back mermaid gown

Short wedding dress

White Tulle Bridal Skirt

Top to bottom: Glamorous open back mermaid wedding gown, Short Bridal Reception Dress, White Tulle Bridal Skirt

With this Bling

With this Bling

January 30, 2014  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration, Jewellery  |  No Comments

Well, it’s beginning to feel a lot like pay day; so that means that you can’t start spreading some shekels for your wedding then you might want to look no further than these!  These beautiful finds are from Andrea Bonelli trip the modern light fantastic.

Not only are they handmade they are also eco friendly check out favourite finds from this super fine jewellery store – and be sure to head over to see more! Look at us rhyming and all that we could give Ginsberg a run for his money with that… say no all you like a little bit of narcissism self belief is a good thing.

Rustic gold heart studsRose Gold engagement ringCarved wedding band

Top to bottom: Rustic Gold Heart Studs, Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Carved Wedding Band

Batcakes Crazy

Batcakes Crazy

This morning requires something festive (in a wedding variety) – we will never stop being fascinated by fascinators, and these from Batcakes Couture are enough to make us go batshizz crazy.

We more than like…


So, lovers these are a few of our favourite Batcakes Couture things!

Ivory or White Birdcage Veil



Top to bottom:  Ivory Birdcage Veil, Champagne Beaded Head Piece, Feather Fascinator

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

January 27, 2014  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration  |  2 Comments

The last Monday of January *squeal*

That flew faster than a speeding bullet! This time last month I was nursing a food hangover like you wouldn’t believe and it is almost V day (not vendetta day) but Valentine’s Day!  Anyways, we haven’t quite hit the day of commercialised love just yet!

So, in the meanwhile it is all about links that we love in the stead…


{image: Shaun Menary via Green Wedding Shoes}

Hot Air Balloon Engagement / Lindsay + Jarrod via Green Wedding Shoes

Fun and Fabulous Pin Up Wedding via Love My Dress

Something Red, Something Blue La Petite Dauphine Wedding / Ndoni & David

Multicultural Blue and Yellow Canadian Wedding via Munaluchi Bride

Shipwreck Themed Wedding via Burnett’s Boards


I just love me some her… I’m a bit sad that dermablend (bye tats!)  was her friend at the Grammy’s, but she truly is one hot mama.  If you fancy stepping back in time you can see my old black and yellow Wiz + Amber inspired theme board

This is a bit of a do-over – they say never work with animals or children, and sometimes the third player missing from that mix is the tech.  8tracks has a bit of a wobbly  moment so my wonderful mixtape or The Wolf of Wall Street was lost *sad face*

However, unlike Humpty Dumpty this could be put back together again!  So, this is the Wolf of Wall Street: Songs for Jordan and Donnie redux!

The Wolf of Wall Street Mixtape Love: Songs for Jordan & Donnie from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.