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Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

Suckering sodding suckertash… is it really Monday? Like for reeeaaaalllllzzz… gah!  We wish it was back to being easy like Sunday morning, unlike miserable Monday.  The November weather has finally started dropping, the temperature has gone from sweet to sour  *sad face*.

But, as long as there is coffee and the joy of huddling near the heater while your skin dries up like pork crackling; it isn’t so bad.  And of course when we deliver some of the good stuff your way, we hope that it gets even better!

So this sweet morning we thought that we would start you off with something that is one part scheming and one part dreaming.  As Mr Robert Kelly said ‘I believe I can fly’ and this morning it is a super power that we sincerely desire.  Especially when you are in Central London and you have a slow burning desire to punch tourists in the back of the head.

Oh, yeah and that new evil of Smartphone users who walk at -5mph in front of you, it is one of the rare occasions that we wish that the streets of Soho were covered in Doggy Doo – that would wake you up.

yowayowa head Scheming and Dreaming scheming and dreaming. Colour Palette colour inspiration  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration

This morning we are finding our inner super hero and fingers crossed next evolutionary step through the sublime images of Yowayowa is a series of levitating photographs by Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi, a girl light as air!  Check out the latest levitations that are defying gravitation on the rather amazeballs blog!

yowayowa Scheming and Dreaming scheming and dreaming. Colour Palette colour inspiration  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration

Wethinks it would be the sunny climes of the Bahamas if we could walk on the air, where would you go and what would you do if you could fly?

Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

Can we get a little bit of blam with a side order KABOOM… this is Kaboomage of the highest degree and we should have known that our mortal paper pimp enemies (well we have quite a few mortal paper enemies) One Plus One would be involved in this somehow; we’ve spoken about that particular subject matter on a previous occasion *the eyes narrow into slits*. But, since we have decided not to ritually slay them with T Square and paperchase 100gsm card – we are moderately happy to share some inspiration from a shoot that they had a hand in.

Oh + Well, it does no good holding grudges… *breathes out, zen style*especially when other amazeballs people were involved in the shoot shenanigans step up, Jenna Rae CakesAshley Illchuk and Tracey Kiansky.  View the full unadulterated magic on Weddings in Winnipeg and big ups to the ever lovely Grey Likes Wedding where we first caught sight of this pretty.

scheming and dreaming68 Scheming and Dreaming scheming and dreaming. colour scheme colour inspiration  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration

A Whole Lot of Heart

A Whole Lot of Heart

Well, although the shutter candy witching hour is upon us it is all about a veritable feast of heart shaped ideas and inspiration. After gazing at the gorgeousness of Birdcage cards yesterday we have gone a little bit heart crazy.  We know that valentines day is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind us, but something about the heart that does us good.   So here it is all about gorgeous heart wedding inspiration… can we get an ‘Awwwwww’ from the peanut gallery *cups hand to ear* we hear you, then it is gorgeousness a-go-go

And you know the way we roll… a post isn’t a post around these parts without a theme tune, so let’s have a bit of spurious music courtesy of The Kooks ‘Junk of the Heart’

heart found and beautiful A Whole Lot of Heart wedding motif Wedding inspiration wedding idea Heart inspiration heart ideas Heart  inspiration board inspiration found and beautiful

Top to bottom: Max and Margaux // Our Labor of Love // Via Once Wed, Libby and Weldon // Our Labor of Love, Heart Invitations by Erin Jang  // The Indigo Bunting, Carmen & Pete // Ashley Rose// Green Wedding Shoes, Candy Themed Bridal Shower // The Hostess Blog, Heart Bouquet // La Belle Bride, Heart Cake Tutorial // I am Baker, Dabney Gardens Wedding // Sarina Love Photography, W.Scott Chester, Style Unveiled // Betwixt Studios , Wedding Invitations // Love Made Me Do itPlantable Seed Confetti // Sophie Favours, Woodland Heart Cake Topper // Better Off Wed, Neon Wedding Invitations // Paper + Cup // Design Sponge

Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

We have got a mega love Jones for this image – can we get a bee-yooooooo-ti-fuuuuuulllll for this vision right hurr!  Not only have we got a groom in a flat cap (seriously flat caps are the best invention on earth ever – those hats can get it all day).  We then have to add to the mix a gorgeous bride in a glorious gown, in a barn, sharing drinks…

Well, ring-a-ding-ding

scheming and dreaming67 Scheming and Dreaming scheming and dreaming. colour scheme colour ideas.  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration

We are at visual overload o’clock (sorry but we are those bloggers of the annoying variety who live vicariously through other people’s weddings – so sue us!)  It’s all about Moments in Love *satisfied happy sigh* Shutter candy from Three Nails Photography.

We used the phrase moments in love on purpose – any old excuse to get spurious with it!