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Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

Can we get a little bit of blam with a side order KABOOM… this is Kaboomage of the highest degree and we should have known that our mortal paper pimp enemies (well we have quite a few mortal paper enemies) One Plus One would be involved in this somehow; we’ve spoken about that particular subject matter on a previous occasion *the eyes narrow into slits*. But, since we have decided not to ritually slay them with T Square and paperchase 100gsm card – we are moderately happy to share some inspiration from a shoot that they had a hand in.

Oh + Well, it does no good holding grudges… *breathes out, zen style*especially when other amazeballs people were involved in the shoot shenanigans step up, Jenna Rae CakesAshley Illchuk and Tracey Kiansky.  View the full unadulterated magic on Weddings in Winnipeg and big ups to the ever lovely Grey Likes Wedding where we first caught sight of this pretty.

Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

We have got a mega love Jones for this image – can we get a bee-yooooooo-ti-fuuuuuulllll for this vision right hurr!  Not only have we got a groom in a flat cap (seriously flat caps are the best invention on earth ever – those hats can get it all day).  We then have to add to the mix a gorgeous bride in a glorious gown, in a barn, sharing drinks…

Well, ring-a-ding-ding

We are at visual overload o’clock (sorry but we are those bloggers of the annoying variety who live vicariously through other people’s weddings – so sue us!)  It’s all about Moments in Love *satisfied happy sigh* Shutter candy from Three Nails Photography.

We used the phrase moments in love on purpose – any old excuse to get spurious with it!

Scheming and Dreaming  // The Wild Bunch

Scheming and Dreaming // The Wild Bunch

No, this post isn’t about Sam Peckinpah.  Although, if you want to indulge yourself in the wonderful cinematic work that the director dude has to offer then you might want to see ‘Straw Dogs’ do the original, then do the remake afterwards.  You know what they say originals are rarely bettered by copies.  (Slightly debateable in terms of Louis Vuitton from that dodgy dude with missing teeth at the market – but that is really about price not quality).

But, no – on this occasion we are talking about the pretty flower girls in one pretty epic scheming and dreaming we have gorgeous wedding girlies; we have some hardcore flower bunches and some killer colour combos.  Seriously, we love the way that these bridal crews are putting together some pantone drool worthy knockout colour combos!  Here come the girls… the wedding girls in fact… We think that some Ernie K Doe needs to be pouring out the of the speakers while you peruse these, all good pictures need theme music! (Well a refix with Missy Elliot: this blocking on copyright grounds is making us sad in a musical sense)

Also if you are into the group thing (we swear we will slap the taste out yo’ mouths keep it out of the gutter) there is more great group shot with a few gorgeous bridal homegirl shots on the lovely Bride Suite.

Top to Bottom: Rowell Photography website via OMG I’m Getting Married // Alison and Dan, Dixie Pixel via Elizabeth Anne Designs // Bridgette and Jason, Sarah Ainsworth Photography via Fab You Bliss // Kelley and Turner, Love the Schultzes via Belle the Magazine; Emily Heizer via Sparkle and Hay // Jamie & Jessie; Justin Lee via Green Wedding Shoes // Carey and Craig

Ah… it has been a spurious week… get your eyes wet with a bit of Straw Dogs (we swear we found a nice clip rather than something to send you screaming from your computer screens) who knew that cinematic history could be part of a blog…well, we like doing it different; we certainly do!

*sidebar: The Hoffman does good nerd!

Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

Cross you heart and we guarantee that you will die when you see the rest of this shoot on Green Wedding Shoes, Beatles inspired wedding – yes we know that McCartney had been up the aisle the third time and hooked up with the lovely Nancy, but we suspect that he kinds of wishes that his wedding was as cool as this one.

In any case we are all about the scheming and dreaming, so love the colour and on top of that here is some link love in the form of Carmen and Pete’s mega epic of a wedding.