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Blushing Bridal from Blush Fashion

Blushing Bridal from Blush Fashion

We are going to end it on a nice little fashion note this afternoon  –  and of course if you want to see crazy catwalk magic then feel free to head on over to the Show.

But, before you head over there…

White vintage Lace, Ivory white maxi dress with bat sleeves

Come in darlings, settle in… that right, sit and have a look at these sublime pieces from Blush Fashion. They do a nice line in party wear if you are on a guest flex, but you had your day on Tuesday (see it here).

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We Can Make it if We Try : Fringe Topper

We Can Make it if We Try : Fringe Topper

February 26, 2015  |  DIY, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

It’s about fringe benefits – and good + goobley + goo, we love this we do – a bit of gold tassel magic and that’s what you get in this cake topper tutorial.  Check out how to do this thing proper over on Ruffled blog.  Loving this!


The photographic and craft glory goes to: Savage Rose and note•ify

Oh Boy | Hardy Amies

Oh Boy | Hardy Amies

February 26, 2015  |  Groom, Inspiration, Style Inspiration  |  No Comments

Well, it is time for boys… we kind of forgot about you last week – we apologise, however we are going to lace you with suitable suit treats from Hardy Amies, yes it’s a little sojourn to a Row named Savile.

London Collections: Men  are still a warm memory for us mainly as we get to look at images of cuties who are suited and booted, but it is also a prime opportunity to see what is going in the aisle style department for the ‘man dem’.

Hardy Amies AW15-16

Hardy Amies suits were beautifully structured with a wide some gorgeous textures: an emphasis on a darker palette with a few splashes of blue (we guess that covers the something blue aspect, yes?).  We also loved the idea of rocking a statement jacket, a nice way of mixing classic with a slice of boldness.

Hardy Amies AW15-16 2

So, boys if you feel like being a stone cold aisle killer these are a few of our favourite looks from the AW15-16 Collection.

Hardy Amies 5 AW15-16

Hardy Amies AW15-16 2

Hardy Amies AW15-16 3


See the full collection at Hardy Amies

The photographic glory goes to Hardy Amies


Wedding Widsom No. 32 | Joan Crawford

Wedding Widsom No. 32 | Joan Crawford

February 25, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Wisdom  |  1 Comment

Well said, Joan Crawford, well said… like we said yesterday afternoon we don’t usually double up but the powers that be mean that you get twice the wisdom!

So, for today you gorgeous beings the wisdom practioner lacing your domes with knowledge (allow us that last line we overdosed on Boom Bap over the weekend) is Madam Joan Crawford. We hope that by this stage in the planning process you have that hearth warming love.


If it is you doing a re-enactment of Rhi and Eminem a la ‘Love the way you lie’ – counselling or sleeping with one eye open is your only option.