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Best of the Guest: The Electric Blues

Best of the Guest: The Electric Blues

Labi Siffre trilled that he had the blues,  we hope that we had the electric blues as that is the main focus of today’s best of the guest.  But, we have a few others up in this piece.  It’s time to indulge in fashion passion.

Welcome to the Electric Blues…


These are awesome. The End Lavinia from Aldo

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With This Bling: Chills Jewellery

With This Bling: Chills Jewellery

January 27, 2015  |  Inspiration  |  1 Comment

We’ve got the chills they are multiplying over Chills Jewellery. There is a plethora of pretties up in these parts so here are our picks so you can have some Trousseau swag or alternatively reward them bridal homegirls.


You should…

And you BETTER!

Anyway we’ll dispense with issuing threats about the spirit of giving to your bridal homies, and get into the things we love from this store.  These are a few of our favourite bling things…

Leaf Micro Pave Ring

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Whimsical + Modern Dubai Wedding - A Styled Shoot

Whimsical + Modern Dubai Wedding – A Styled Shoot

January 26, 2015  |  Inspiration, Styled Shoot  |  1 Comment

You can see this beautiful shoot in the magazine.  But, it is too gorgeous not to be repeated on the blog.

This demands more than tea, it needs popcorn so you can give this the same treatment you’ve give an Oscar contender.  The images gracing your screens this afternoon are part of an incredible collaboration between A Thing Like That and Lace in the Desert.

Rebecca of A Thing Like That shared: For this shoot I teamed up with stylist and wedding blogger Jessica from the Dubai wedding blog Lace in the Desert. We wanted to create a styled shoot that fused together two very different bridal styles, one romantic and whimsical and the other quite modern and glamorous. Jessica found a very special and unusual location in Dubai, a beautifully stylish health club called Nyla House. The house offered stunning modern decor inside as well as luscious greenery outside, perfect for our two bridal looks. 

NYLA HOUSE SHOOT 093_A Thing Like That

Our table setting was an eclectic mix of colourful, whimsy and contemporary details (such as the origami paper crane favours, which Jessica spent many nights DIYing to accentuate the dining room’s tropical wallpaper, and the hand painted watercolour stationery custom made by our very talented stationery supplier, Ellie.) The gold-dipped tea glasses were a nod to Middle Eastern aesthetic whilst, along with the floral arrangements, added a necessary pop of bright colour and texture.

The model, Sonali, was even more beautiful in real life than her photos had promised and she wore the two gowns with effortless charm and sophistication. 

NYLA HOUSE SHOOT 091_A Thing Like That

The first dress was slightly more traditional yet beautifully romantic and bohemian, custom made by dress designer Suzanne Rachel. Our makeup artist, Ashleigh, kept the make up for the first look very fresh and natural looking, whilst accentuating the model’s beautiful skin and eyes. 

As the sun started to go down the look became more dramatic. We styled our model with a cape by designers House of Nomad and paired it with a laser cut dress from Alexis. Focussing more on the red and orange tones, Ashleigh applied a bright coral lip to our model, which worked perfectly with her skin tone and the orange accents in the bouquet. The half-up do she created was a work of art that will no doubt be doing the rounds on Pinterest before long. 

NYLA HOUSE SHOOT 110_A Thing Like That

Although this is not the first time Jessica and I have worked together on a styled shoot this may well be the last time, since after seven years living in Dubai, I am relocating to the UK in the New Year. It has been fabulous working with her and all of the Dubai-based vendors, and although it will be sad to wave goodbye to my dream team, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our labour of love. 

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Let Them Eat Victoria Sponge Cake

Let Them Eat Victoria Sponge Cake

This is a proper tea time classic and we are totally in a screen licking frame of mind.  Can we hear it for this amazing cake Victoria Sponge cake with Confit de Fraises.

We’re all about that cake, ‘bout that cake, no treble…

Yeah, we had to rip off Meghan Trainor (nothing wrong with a bit of reverse appropriation *wink*). We also would like to give her some FUPM commiseration  cake because a girl needs to get paid


Let’s just round this off and make completely  it spurious and add the song to the cake selection.

The photographic glory goes to: Christelle