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Let Them Eat A Jam On It Cake

Let Them Eat A Jam On It Cake

This post has allowed us to get super spurious… Hello there Newcleus

The reason for the intro is this incredible strawberry jam (on it and also in it) and vanilla cake via the lovely Butter and Brioche.   Permission to drop your jaw drop now.

Butter and Brioche Strawberry Jam and Vanilla Cake


You can close your mouth now.

Head on over there and check out the full magic of this recipe. We’ll see you later lovers.

The photographic glory goes to: Butter & Brioche

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

July 20, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Blog Love  |  2 Comments

Dear Monday, hello old chum we were hanging out with Saturday and Sunday and didn’t invite you.  they are just more fun  to be with.  Your fairweather friend, Beyond Beyond.

Well, that our salutation to Monday – we are beginning to get less tolerant of Monday as it is summer, in the autumn winter not so much but when you can maraud the streets, eat BBQ and be with friends; well M word becomes as welcome as a giant pustule on the end of your nose the morning of your wedding day.

But, we are as ever committed to our mission to make Monday as lovely as possible so let’s give you a digital mood changer.  Let happier and pretty things begin…


The photographic glory goes to Temi Coker via Munaluchi Bride

Winter Dallas Elopement via Munaluchi Bride

Bronx Zoo Wedding via Junebug Weddings

Vintage Pennsylvania Estate Wedding via Ruffled

Vintage Bride Madame Grès via Snippet & Ink

Romantic meets Industrial Wedding via Brancroprata


J.K Rowling for taking on all comers, writing Harry Potter and being an all round awesome person.

Shake your junk that you got in the trunk, like its 2AM Saturday morning and your slightly drunk…

Monday Lovely Monday 1.43 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

Drink, Dress, Dance | No.4

Drink, Dress, Dance | No.4

Do you have the Friday feeling yet?  Well, if you don’t we are ready to help  you along and really get this fiesta of fun happening.  It’s time for this week Drink, Dress and Dance!

The Pineapple Swizzle
makes one drink

W&P Design - The Pineapple Swizzle (3)

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A Villa Erba Wedding Dream | A Styled Shoot

A Villa Erba Wedding Dream | A Styled Shoot

July 16, 2015  |  Inspiration, Styled Shoot  |  1 Comment

Like the band we were runaways, we copped to the fact we had a holiday and made that ish stretch like elastic – sorry not sorry *Kanye shrug*

However, since you were so accepting of us going on holiday we believe that you deserve appropriate recompense for the trauma that was caused by our non-posting of the gorgeousness.  If you would like to grab your imaginary passport come fly with us to Villa Erba, Lake Como.


And, if we are your flight attendants then the captain duties are the responsibility of Purewhite Photography.


Pure White shared: The inspiration for the shoot came from the location, perfect stage with his history, color and architecture, where prestige and luxury live in perfect harmony; the Couture Hayez’s dress and accessorizes done sophisticated suggestions, in an alternation of transparencies and light and shade.

Well lovelies, we will leave you to settle in with this shutter candy.  Until later wedding alligators.

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