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The Place: Town Hall Hotel, London

The Place: Town Hall Hotel, London

September 25, 2014  |  Inspiration, Venue, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

The Place: The Town Hall Hotel, London




The photographic glory goes to Nick Tucker, Visit London Bride to see the full wedding.

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

September 24, 2014  |  Design Envy, Inspiration, Stationery & Graphics  |  No Comments

There is more for us to player hate in the here suite then you could shake a Wacom pen – but we are willing to make a list, how much do we hate thee… let us count the ways, this is where the dramz come from.

  • The illustration
  • The colour palette
  • The custom stamp with GOLD – GOLD (if this is real gold this will bring the aesthetic thug tears out for realz)


Alex Monzo 1

Alex Monzo 2

Alex Monzo 3

Alex Monzo 4

Alex Monzo 5

And by the time you add in a gif animation…

Well life, having an imminent terminus becomes quite the seductive fantasy.  So, we would like to ‘thank’ Alex Monzo for contributing to our ‘delightful’ day and for helping us refine our plans for design dignitas: we’re good designers go to die.

We. No. Likey.

The design glory goes to: Alex Monzo

Wedding Wisdom. No.14

Wedding Wisdom. No.14

September 24, 2014  |  Inspiration, Wedding Wisdom  |  1 Comment

This is one for the boys – we guess that it’s true, we are more spoiled when it comes to the jewellery!   We hope the boys find it easy to get on, it’s nice to get a ring on it!


Best of the Guest: London Fashion Week

Best of the Guest: London Fashion Week

It’s a trend led one lovers – London Fashion week only just ended although if you want to shake ‘em on over to the Show you can get your fix of Bridal Fashion Catwalk magic, over and over again!

However, we are all about making you guests at the wedding hotter than a supernova experiencing a bout a yellow fever.

So here is our fab five of trends that are wearable daring not on the Lady Gaga scale of outfit-ness, although apart from the Athens thang – she has been relatively tame of late.

Sheer Magic

Sheer may be about as subtle as Nicki turning up and doing this in front of the Vicar.

But, done in the right way a hint of sheer , with a layer underneath to make it at little more wearable is the perfect way to get in on in a fashionable way. The pictures are way too nippy for the blog, but if you need a visual explanation then check out these images  from  Burberry (and yes we know it is hypocritical to show working but not a nipple, but it is what it is!)


Christoper Kane Sidekick

It is a shape breaker and silhouette buster – this is a lovely fillip that gives dresses a lovely architectural feel.  Got to love it, and we love this Christopher Kane dress, this could be a very fashion forward dress for the bold bride? Qui?


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