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Gifted: Word Up -  Framed Lyrics

Gifted: Word Up – Framed Lyrics

December 10, 2014  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration, Wedding Gifts  |  1 Comment

You know that we love songs – so of course we are all over this gift like butter.  Song lyrics framed for the lovely couple.  This is super special and a lovely idea.   However, don’t be inappropriate – Smack my B*tch up and Baby Got Back probably aren’t good ideas.

Get this for a lovely and in love couple for their wedding day from Sarah & Bendrix


Sarah-&-Bendrix 2



Wedding Wisdom No.23 | Robert Fulghum

Wedding Wisdom No.23 | Robert Fulghum

December 10, 2014  |  Inspiration, Wedding Wisdom  |  1 Comment

May your wedding lives be delightfully weird with someone as weird as you, we are totally with Robert Fulghum on this one!


Envy Never Looked so Good! | Estudio Menta

Envy Never Looked so Good! | Estudio Menta

This is a monster…

It made us scream this much…

More monstrous than loch ness monster

The Jabberwocky

Just… it’s hideously depressing having a look at foil awesomeness and the beautiful botanical illustration.  Estudio Menta have been created just to make our souls shrivel.  Stealing our Christmas spirit, making us chokes on our chestnuts… Just look at it!!!

Estudio Menta 2

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Saint Isabel Dress Magic

Saint Isabel Dress Magic

These dresses Saint Isabel dresses are gorgeousness, utter gorgeousness!!! And we’ve played imaginary dress up in our heads. But, you lovely bride to be these are really something special and we think they are main event worthy.

Saint Isabel is described as being effortless and romantic, modern and whimsy. We totally concur with all of that good stuff.  Visit this lovely store for yourself and enjoy all of its wedding fashion goodness. Sinners also allowed to wear these saintly designs :)

Ella - Silk Crepe Wedding Dress

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