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We can make it we try | DIY Floral Wreath

We can make it we try | DIY Floral Wreath

June 4, 2015  |  DIY, Inspiration  |  No Comments

We love this tutorial from AO Lifestyle get your Floral Wreath Make On all it takes is a bit of wire, flowers (obvs) and some washi tape and we are off to the races.


Gather your bits and your craft wits and head on over here so you can make some prettiness for your wedding day hooray.

wreath_blog01Edited 2


The photographic glory goes to: Caroline Rowland


Envy Never Looked so Good

Envy Never Looked so Good

We’ve got all kinds of envy over this suite…

Relationships are a gamble and these invitations are for a couple who are playing their cards right. Is that not the cheesiest line ever?

Course it is… while we might be corny as heck, but the design isn’t.  The well designed graphicness is courtesy of David Diaz; We are quite mellow today aren’t we, although the Jackson’s say you can’t blame it on the sunshine, we do…

We’ll stop with the punning and resume gazing at clouds; it soothes our calloused player hating souls.

David Diaz 3

David Diaz 5

David Diaz 6

David Diaz 7

David Diaz

*reclines in seat and reads romantic poetry of 18th Century while sucking a bonbon*

Wedding Wisdom No. 43 | Snoop Dogg

Wedding Wisdom No. 43 | Snoop Dogg

June 3, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Wisdom  |  1 Comment

We always associated the Doggfather with weed and B@tches.  Turns out he is deep, Marcus Aurelius deep and these are Snoop Dogg’s words of wisdom.


With this Bling | Ivy Nixon Jewellery

With this Bling | Ivy Nixon Jewellery

June 2, 2015  |  Inspiration, Jewellery, Wedding Ring  |  1 Comment

You know that we like to do the jewellery pimp strut, and considering how much time we spend touch typing we think that each on of our fingers deserves a little ring candy as without it our shade throwing, double entendre game, and snark would not be possible.

And the lovely company who we are considering for our finger and thumb bedazzlement is Ivy Nixon, you might want to use them for your wedding and engagement ring but we really think that you should be like that – heck we are evening considering turning one of these joints into a toe ring.  Too much?  We refuse you…

The Diamond Cocktail Ring

A mix of original design and reclaimed vintage these are something special to behold – garnering inspiration from Victorian Symbolism and Georgian Literature, Ivy Nixon Jewellery are lovingly handmade, limited edition pieces. Throw in the fact that these are ethically sourced; and we are in recycled antique bling bling heaven.

Rare Art Deco Platinum Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Cross Heart Ring

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