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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

June 16, 2014  |  Blog Love, Inspiration, Music  |  2 Comments

Hello Monday!

The weather might not have been up to much – but it was perfect summer nap and dawdling temperature.  Not gorgeous enough to sizzling BBQ weather, but nice enough to surf the internets and do household bits.

Yeah… how freaking rockstar is that…

Keith Richards has got serious envy of me and my lifestyle that trips the light fantastic, in fact word was that at the Chiltern Firehouse they were all like ‘Being papped at the latest hot spot is fantastic, but nothing beats cocoa and ironing at Amma’s’  what can I say – it was a bit mundane.

However, the one thing that jazzed it up was surfing the digitals seas and finding a few lovely links to get me through the grey sky and drizzle.

So here are the links that I loved…

link love Monday Lovely Monday Monday Lovely Monday blog love  music inspiration blog love 2

wpid274830 Eden by Jenny Packham rustic barn wedding 27 Monday Lovely Monday Monday Lovely Monday blog love  music inspiration blog love 2

Image by Steve Gerrard. Via Love My Dress

Vivien & Nick’s Gothic New Zealand Wedding on Rock n’ Roll Bride

Whimsical and Modern Dallas Wedding via 100 Layer Cake

Leah & Dave’s Rustic Barn Wedding on Love My Dress

Lakeside Engagement via Grey Likes Weddings

Happy Anniversary Kelly & Nik on Boho Weddings and Events

mixtape monday1 Monday Lovely Monday Monday Lovely Monday blog love  music inspiration blog love 2

If music be the food of twerking then for gawds sake make it stop!  Not really, I do need to move on from twerking jokes… it  is so old now it could be carbon dated!  However, Monday is a always a good day to put in your earphones and be anti-social… when you are grieving the loss of a weekend y0u need some tasteful funeral dirges to get you through.

Here is what I’ll be listening to, have listened to, and will continue listening too… and I guess I will see you later on.

Monday Lovely Monday 1.12 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

A Ghostbusters Mixtape Love: Songs for Peter & Dana

A Ghostbusters Mixtape Love: Songs for Peter & Dana

June 13, 2014  |  Inspiration, Mixtape Love, Music  |  No Comments

Well, his is a bit of a wedding legend…

The wedding legend that we are talking about is the one and only Bill Murray.

He’ll show up at your engagement shoot

He’ll give a speech at you stag party

And allow us the links to a certain newspaper it is our equivalent of crack, and we need to get our kicks and Kardashian updates somewhere. We are a bit concerned about Khloe and French Montana, but that is a whole other post and story.

Ghostbusters A Ghostbusters Mixtape Love: Songs for Peter & Dana mixtape love  music mixtape inspiration

However, we are going to make a wedding mixtape for one of our favourite Mr Murray characters  – Peter Venkman.  The course of true love never runs smoothly, but when Dana, your girlfriend to be is only into you if you are ‘The Gatekeeper’.

Floats in the air…

Does a supernatural deed poll to become Zuul

Turns into a dog…

This little snippet used to freak us out when we were ickle… look-see

Well, the fact you want to date her after all that is a sign that not only are you tolerant, but you are get-through-anything-and-everythingkinda coupleincluding crossing the streams.

So, it’s a Ghostbusters kind of mixtape love… and maaaaaaaaaaaaannn do we feel old that little film is 30 years old, and your fun trivia is that Eddie Murphy was supposed to pay Winston Zeddemore but had to 86 that plan has he was doing Beverley Hills Cop.

Anyhoo, its mixtape time… it’s all 80’s inspired goodness 1984 to be precise. (except for the Orchestral version of Ghostbusters… it had to be up in there it’s a bit epic!)

*sings if there’s something weird and don’t look good…*

You can see our other Mr Murray related mixtape for Lost in Translation right here, and since we mentioned the Murphy; you might want to check out the Coming to America mixtape too!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This is shimmery, silvery and beautiful and we love this dress that would gain Rhi Rhi’s ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ approval although we think that there is not quite enough flesh on show…

We’ve all seen THAT image of THAT dress – but this stunner comes to us from Russia with Love. see the full magic over on Weddywood; but for now you can just scheme and dream

scheming and dreaming Shine Bright Like a Diamond  scheming and dreaming inspiration inspiration board inspiration

Photo: Olga Bardeen

Makeup and hair: Alina Ignatenko

Florists: Studio Rose of Cairo

Model: Masha Ta Show

Yoo Hoo... Back to Business...

Yoo Hoo… Back to Business…

June 12, 2014  |  Inspiration, Personal Post, Update  |  1 Comment

*sneaks in to the room slides into blog seat slowly, and looks more obvious than a nudist mosque/church/temple or other area of worship where nakedness is unacceptable*


I’m going to get into it I warned you a few weeks back…

*looks at last blog post* whoops that was a long time ago…

Anyhoo, I had projects to finish off that were major and I didn’t feel comfortable blogging when there was work to be done, and that’s a reason not an excuse.

But, then I had to move this here blog from its old home to a new home still a few minor tweaks here and there, but we’ve got the furniture in and most of the fixings are done.

So, what does that mean…

Well, back to the three a day system with the exception of the weekends, there are some backend bits and design bits that I am still working on that will be rolled out and of course the next edition of the magazine is being worked on.

But, thank you for your patience.

I love you all

It’s been too long…

And I won’t do this to you again, you need, you love me… I know you do!

So, come tomorrow and it won’t be like the BBC on an Easter Bank Holiday.

Nothing says sorry like a bunch of flowers… Yes?

Flowers Yoo Hoo... Back to Business... blog schedule blog  update personal post 2 inspiration

Image via Coyote Negro