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Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

A letterpress tee pee



We Are Device 1

We have the rage of 1000 Comanche it’s just so early, it’s January.  We can’t take 365 years of being baited by other designers.

We don’t want to smoke a peace pipe.

We don’t want to parlez with a talking stick.

We just want you to not outshine us We Are Device

We Are Device 2

We Are Device 3

We Are Device 4

Is that too much to ask?  We just think that you are taking the tee pee!

The design envy goes to: We Are Device

Envy Never Looked so Good

Envy Never Looked so Good

We have travelled from London to India in order to sip some haterade of the the brut quality, the person who is causing us emotional and psychological pain through the medium of design is none other than Maheswari Janarthanan.

Since it is a dry January and we can’t use any form of chemical relaxation, Quaaludes are out completely and we are only allowed green juices and herbal teas.  We had to settle for glowing into some berry infused Echinacea concoction and it was hard to channel the glowering gangster look with this as our drink to imbibe.

Maheswari Janarthanan 5

So, we’ll try and look hard or though we are as soft as marshmallow – especially physically there are only so many second rounds of Turkey that one can have until you venture near the edge of the Pilsbury Dough Boy zone.  

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Envy Never Looked so Good! | Estudio Menta

Envy Never Looked so Good! | Estudio Menta

This is a monster…

It made us scream this much…

More monstrous than loch ness monster

The Jabberwocky

Just… it’s hideously depressing having a look at foil awesomeness and the beautiful botanical illustration.  Estudio Menta have been created just to make our souls shrivel.  Stealing our Christmas spirit, making us chokes on our chestnuts… Just look at it!!!

Estudio Menta 2

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Envy Never Looked so Good: Asya Kozina

Envy Never Looked so Good: Asya Kozina

We’ve featured her incredible paper cut work before, but she truly deserves an encore on this here blog for these sublime Mongolian wedding dress creations.  It is absolute mastery from Asya Kozina and we are blown away.  Our level of paper artistry begins and ends with paper planes. We were this dead when we saw them, please refer to the death drop gif below.

So revel in these simply gorgeous images… let them blow your visual minds.  Less a design envy and more of design salute to a true paper queen.
Asya Kozina 2

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