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Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

Freaking Fantabulous (there is another F word we would like to add but Mother Beyond doesn’t like our potty mouths).  But, trust us there is a whole of lot of teeth grinding, obscenities, head banging (and not in the Rock n Roll sense)… and overall agog-ness.

Yeah, we know that agog-ness isn’t a word, but allow us we are having a very distressing moment here.  It hurts our hearts that this paper is so freaking dangerously good-looking, it’s like the paper equivalent of Errol Flynn, except it is a one sided, design rapier, swashbuckling incident that we are victims of.  So, yeah we don’t even have a hat to throw in the ring.  That coffee, we were speaking of… it’s gonna be Irish coffee, heavy on the Irish less of the coffee.

design envy67 Envy Never Looked So Good! wedding invitatation wedding idea Graphic Design Design  stationery and graphics inspiration design envy

Seriously, our design career is leading us to alcoholism or a drug habit… whichever one is going to take  the edge off Megan Sorson, what did we do to deserve this level of design related malevolence and violence.

Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

There we were in our favourite air balloon, powered by the hot air of our over inflated hubris.  We did the strut of million pimps, we did the dougie, and we attempted to moonwalk… because we were just so damn full of ourselves and our design hotness.

But, after looking at these lovelies, created by Gerhard van Wyk from This Pencil and photographed by Maike of Love made me do it (well we believe hateration made you do it!) yesterday night our mood became as flaccid as Hugh Hefner without those blue pills for heart conditions that have an interesting/surprising side effect for the end user.   *looks around no one has told us off yet* guess well shall proceed, and continue.

Ahem, as we were saying so one moment flying high, the next moment brought lower that the current credit rating of Italy and Greece combined *finger snaps* yes we do current affairs, yo! Anyhoo, we do not seek to make comic capital of the world’s current affairs that would be wrong, what we will say is that this made us want our little eyes plucked from our skulls. We were all like ‘Out vile jelly’ like we were Cornwall to Gloucester.


We hate other designers…  especially when they make stuff that is So. Damn. Cutiful!!!

love made me do it1 Envy Never Looked So Good! Wedding inspiration wedding idea Inspiration Design Envy  stationery and graphics inspiration design envy

We are on a spurious trip… shall, proceed and continue… gotta have a little of the Roots, maybe hearing BlackThought lay it down will help us to get over the design pain. *lies on the floor and cries excessively* We’re artists and we get highly emotional about our ish.

Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

This is harder than seaside rock we really love this!!! But, we hate it we are as torn emotionally and psychologically as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  The fantastical design makes us feel really good, but the fantastical design makes us feel really bad.

Super sweet modern invitation design, screen printed envelopes, it is all too awesome!  Paper hotness created by www.pprwrkstudio.com. *dribbles over the pretty paper*

design envy66 Envy Never Looked So Good! wedding idea Inspiration Graphic Design Design Envy  stationery and graphics inspiration design envy

Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

This morning we are happy: a cluster of the words that should be censored and a chorus of mellifluous mofo’s are ricocheting out of the speakers – we are listening to inappropriate music and saying things that would make a tourette’s suffer blush.  We are working from home *does the pimp strut and sits back at the table*.

So, since we are in such good moods, since we are listening to swear words being threaded into devastatingly humorous rhyming couplets we don’t have the will to hate on the wonder that is this design which is some seriously lush hand screen printed wedding place mat by Mark Caneso and Tiffany Gosden (we doff our little invisible design hats at you).

design envy65 Envy Never Looked So Good! Graphic Design Envy never looked so good Design ideas Design Envy  stationery and graphics inspiration design envy

So, whilst we enjoy the horrendously inappropriate at 10 am this fine morning you can listen to Enya… bwhahahahahahaha in yo’ face! *does the arrogant dance of the damned and does the Jagger strut*.  *Note to self: Must perve over pictures of the Divine Adam Levine at some point today.