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Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

December 12, 2013  |  Design Envy, Inspiration, Stationery & Graphics  |  1 Comment

There are some things that lead you to create a whole lexicon of new swears, and add to the oxford dictionary and this ridiculously amazing (and envy inducing) suite from Kartoe is one step beyond!

Let us begin dissecting the loveliness  – we have no idea why we are using the word lovely for something so utterly heartbreaking but it is what it is, something mellowed our usual grumpy cat approved snark.

Die – cutness!!!  $%&*#@!!


Foil-stampness that caused eye dampness !!! $%&*#@!!


Watercolour Illutrated-ness


By the time you add the offset and  thermography


Well it makes us Dodo dead…

You that scene in Dracula where Gary Oldman aka Drac lost his mind and started renouncing stuff and having beef with Little Baby Jesus – that’s us right now.

Anyway, since contract design killings aren’t allowed, and we can’t stop awesomeness we will just have to settle for being consoled by side eyeing the screen, and our usual hateful activities with some chocolate for company.

For more incredible (for you) but painful (for us) stationery design – Check + Them + Out

The photographic glory and all round design awesomeness goes to: Kartoe








Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

This is sick

It is life support last will and testament sick…

It is gonna need a defibrillator stat sick…

This is invincible against all forms of antibiotic sick…

This is so sick it made us sick…

(Do you think that we may have overused the word… sick?)


Well, lovelies we are priest give us a dash of holy water whilst we confess our sins and give our souls away to little baby Jesus (who is relatively festive this time of year since despite many years of capitalist lobbying  – it is all about the Birthday of J dude this month).

So, what it is that is making us throw in the sweat sodden (cold sweat not B.O sweat) and tear soaked towel.


Well, as ever a couple have decided to team up and superplex us like it was WWF in the days of Randy Savage (we like a bit of vintage) , smacked down like a child reaching for sweets after brushing and flossing at bedtime (presuming that kids floss? Dunno? Someone confirm that random and obscure musing for us. Ta) – by Eka Dwibhakti & Hari Prasetiyo.


We hope that you are so happy and in love that you never design again (see what was backhanded mean) but seriously, this is rather good.   So good in fact that it is making us cry, die, and sigh all at once.



Since it is the season we shall imbibe mulled wine and drown our design sorrows; and if it really gets to grim we will eat a mince pie and exit the forever, ever, and ever ever! (Or at least until the afternoon for the last post).


*pours out some mulled liquor and prepares to get a drunken sulk on*

Credit where credits due:

Cover illustration by Hari Prasetiyo
Photography by Robby Agus & Hari Prasetiyo
Map illustration by Eka Dwibhakti
Words by Eka Dwibhakti
Layout by Hari Prasetiyo & Eka Dwibhakti


Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

November 13, 2013  |  Design Envy, Inspiration, Stationery & Graphics  |  1 Comment

Notorious BIG bless his heart would be singing this song to us right now… listen to that voice, smoother than silk isn’t it?

But, we cannot help but be player haters, especially when we see super clean lines and a wedding suite that includes playing cards.  Through gritted teeth we say ‘Play on player’ and salute the design skills of Dry Design, might be dry by name but the truth is they’ve made us weep a whole load of tears over the wedding designs that they created for Dimitri and Elena.

It’s straight dastardly, straight wrong, and makes us want to reach for some straight tequila.









And so ends another episode in design envy.

A short story on player hating by Beyond Beyond

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

October 30, 2013  |  Inspiration, Stationery & Graphics  |  No Comments

When we saw these our immediate response was – what would grumpy cat do? Yeah we might be late to the meme pardee – but for real, our carpal tunnel, late nights, copious design magazine reading, font research, still leave us bested by the work of Pan Lis. Bogey and Bacall *sigh* yeah, that’s not making us particularly happy.

Pan Lis_0011

Thanks for not only ruining Wednesday, but potentially Christmas and the first quarter of 2014. Yay *give menacing stare to the screen while sinisterly clutching a single balloon*

Pan Lis_0012

Pan Lis_0013

The design envy goes to Pan Lis