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Let them Eat Mini Cake

Let them Eat Mini Cake

Sometimes all it takes is a phrase to make the heart melt and get the stomach rumbling like a steam locomotive – and that phrase is ‘mini cake’ it is what a kill word is to a dog, except instead of killing people we murder sponge, devour icing, and hoover up crumbs.


This is something rather special – and although we believe in having cake minions if you fancy trying your hand and making delicious, then let your cursor take you over to Handmade Charlotte, where you can see the full recipe by The Vanilla Bean Blog and let them eat mini cake.

The photographic glory goes to The Vanilla Bean Blog

The Place: Nonsuch Mansion

The Place: Nonsuch Mansion

February 20, 2014  |  Inspiration, Venue, Wedding inspiration  |  No Comments

The Place: Nonsuch Mansion




the the orchid room nonusuch mansion

The photographic glory top to bottom: Simon J Coulson – the Wedding of Evelyn & Boon, McKinley-Rodgers PhotographyGreat Gatsby Themed Wedding via Rock n Roll Bride, The Orchid Room via the Memory Gate

Let them Eat Cacti Cake!

Let them Eat Cacti Cake!

February 17, 2014  |  Inspiration, Wedding Cake, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

There are a number of words that make us laugh like small children who were dragged up they are the following and you can figure out the whys for the cheap laughs for yourself





The last one always makes us think of a Bishop Don Juan in the Halcyon days of his PCP addiction showing his pimp hand was way strong and it leading to a ho’ down. However, it really is just about a cake at the Wedding Hoedown *giggles* of Alex & Dan see the beautiful day over on Rock n’ Roll Bride.

We’re just over here not trying to have kidney failure or ruin some leather upholstery over the silliness of both our minds and language.

*snorts out loud*

The Place:  Neon Boneyard

The Place: Neon Boneyard

February 13, 2014  |  Inspiration, Venue, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

The Place:  Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas




Top to bottom: image via Scenic Las Vegas, Tomsik Photography, Dott Photography