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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well good sodden morning to you’s guys – The UK is the equivalent of Atlantis, and the sky is grey – but at least the good old internet is here to transport you to another space and place.  So, through the magical power known as hyperlinks, I am here to take you to the corners of the interweb filled with wedding marvels and mystery.


Let the Monday Lovely Monday begin


{The photographic glory goes to: Emma Case Jonno & Tamara via London Bride}

DIY Romantic Centerpiece via Green Wedding Shoes

The  Little Winter Bride via Perfect Palette

San Diego Loft Wedding via Ruffled Blog

Jen & Karl’s Pink Turquoise DIY Wedding via Boho Weddings & Events

Jonno & Tamara via London Bride


I have had a soft spot for him ever since the wire, this week’s crush is Michael B Jordan.

Monday Lovely Monday Session 1.7 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

The Place: The Wood Norton Hotel

The Place: The Wood Norton Hotel

February 6, 2014  |  Inspiration, Venue, Wedding inspiration  |  No Comments

The Place: The Wood Norton Hotel, Cotswolds

The beautiful Wood Norton Hotel has a brand new venue The Orangery which has been launched!

The Wood Norton Hotel, was originally hunting lodge for European Royalty in 1897, will be officially opening its new luxury wedding venue at the end of the month.

1345122000_1702736286_WNHexterior (1)

The new venue, called ‘The Orangery’, is a beautifully designed building, which sits opposite the main house of the hotel. It cost £1m to build, and has taken over 4 months to erect. It has a glass frontage providing stunning views over the Malverns, and the Worcestershire countryside.


The Wood Norton has played host to an array of fantastic and fascinating events, from extravagant parties to the filming of various Dr.Who episodes. In the early 1900’s, when owned by European Royalty, The Wood Norton was the venue for the marriage of Princess Louise of Orleans – the Grandmother of the present King of Spain.








Visit The Wood Norton Hotel Website to learn more about the Orangery and booking!

Let Them Eat a Chorus of Cake

Let Them Eat a Chorus of Cake

Sometimes it isn’t about one cake it is about y0ur stomach being serenaded by a chorus of a cake.  Do you know what sweet song they are singing?  That right lovers ‘Eat me and share with no one’.  The awesome cake-age that is causing diet breakage is from the one and only Call Me Cupcake and oh, how we love her!


See more awesome adventures in cake over on the Call Me Cupcake site.

The Place: Emerald Lake, Canada

The Place: Emerald Lake, Canada

January 30, 2014  |  Inspiration, Venue, Wedding inspiration  |  No Comments

The Place: Emerald Lake, Canada




The photographic glory from top to bottom: Orange Girl, Corey Nash,  Julie Williams Photography