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Geometry Takes The Cake

Geometry Takes The Cake

Geometry is the stealth trend that took over the wedding world.  It’s almost like chevron redux.  But, we are in lots of love with these pretty jaw dropper cake toppers.  If you would like these to make a special guest appearance and stay for photos afterwards at your wedding then head over to Host & Toast to get yours – currently available in Black or White.

Geometric Cake Toppers Black

Geometric Cake Toppers White

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Light up my life| Metal and Lights

Light up my life| Metal and Lights

We are with the moths on this one those creatures though terrifying when fluttering near the face, and annoying when munching through clothes – they understand the value and beauty of light.  And we too are lighting aficionados; especially when it comes to light up letters and these beauties from Metal and Lights are wedding fabuloso.

These are a few of our fab favourites from this here store they are OMG jobs!


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We Love Studio Mucchi!

We Love Studio Mucchi!

September 11, 2014  |  Inspiration, Wedding decor, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

We like a bit of décor action in the morning and we are bout it, bout it with every lovely thing from Studio Mucci.

So, here is our round up of things that we are digging like an old school record!




Top to bottom: Gold Foil Letter Balloons, Wedding Balloon Pack – Ivory Heart Balloon and Blush Peach Balloon, Spring Stripes Tassel Garland (champagne blush mint gold and stripes)

LED Wedding Sign Pimpage!

LED Wedding Sign Pimpage!

This a million times this!!! It is foamcore wedding décor porn and we loves it!  This is LED signage perfection and yes we care about photography, but every so often you need something salacious and over the top to throw into the wedding mix.  You can get these bad boys from Patent Pending Projects – a whole lot of wedding design love!

il_570xN.556063075_7vsn il_570xN.556063095_eq10

Let’s end Tuesday with a spurious song! Signs – you see what we are trying to do, go on give us dap, it’s damn good punning! If you can’t take a bad joke at the very least… chair dance!