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And Now for Something Different - Kate Jenkins Knitted Room!!!

And Now for Something Different – Kate Jenkins Knitted Room!!!

We know that it is a very British thing to drone on and on about the weather, but it is colder than a Oedipus up in this female canine *yeesh*, what do you mean that doesn’t make sense? – you know exactly what we are saying in that sentence, it is just that Mother Beyond reads the blog in the library and her little sweet face crumpling over our use of naughty invectives is more than our hearts can bear.  So, today is build your own curse word day on Beyond Beyond.

Now on a day as cold as this we all need a little snugly, and little cosiness and we saw this while we were freezing our ta-tas off on the train, and we thought awwwww.  All we need is a boy (a very slim one at that because it is a single) and we could be all warm and cosy, in the cutest, craftiest, knottiest little hotel room in the whole widey world as by the incredibly talented Kate Jenkins.

So, on a cold morning go ahead and be as snug, as a bug, in a woollen hewn rug wethinks a schlep down to to experience this in the Pelirocco Hotel, Brighton is in order.   Or we need us a replica – really – how sweet is this?

The photographic glory goes to:  Zachary Culpin/Solentnews.biz

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  1. I love this – it is so cute!

  2. omg! im desperate to stay in this hotel and this room is so CUTE!
    kat – rocknrollbride recently posted..A Quirky Afternoon Tea & Library Themed Wedding: Ney & Phil

  3. I LOVE this how cute! the full english has to eb teh best as is the telephone! xxx
    Kelly@Boho Weddings recently posted..Phil & Rebecca: Part 2 – The Pre Wedding Shoot

  4. Oh my… most adorable thing evah!!!
    Addie recently posted..Sally – Columbus MS Photographer

  5. And Now for Something Different – Kate Jenkins Knitted Room!!! http://t.co/vdgHD39A via @addthis

  6. A knitted room, w knitting for breakfast and knitted toothpaste to clean your teeth after http://t.co/xHgo2rXG

  7. It looks like that is all crochet to me.

  8. Heidi, I knows paper but I don’t know my crochet from my knitting – whatever it is… I LOVE IT! :)

  9. It’s so adorable. :)

  10. Yes, everything is crocheted. Not a single knitted item in sight. Should have checked with Ms. Jenkins on that article before it came out. Lovely crocheted creation, too bad the write-up was slap-dash.


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