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A Whole Lot of Heart

A Whole Lot of Heart

Well, although the shutter candy witching hour is upon us it is all about a veritable feast of shaped ideas and inspiration. After gazing at the gorgeousness of Birdcage cards yesterday we have gone a little bit crazy.  We know that valentines day is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind us, but something about the that does us good.   So here it is all about gorgeous … can we get an ‘Awwwwww’ from the peanut gallery *cups hand to ear* we hear you, then it is gorgeousness a-go-go

And you know the way we roll… a post isn’t a post around these parts without a theme tune, so let’s have a bit of spurious music courtesy of The Kooks ‘Junk of the Heart’

Top to bottom: Max and Margaux // Our Labor of Love // Via Once Wed, Libby and Weldon // Our Labor of Love, Heart Invitations by Erin Jang  // The Indigo Bunting, Carmen & Pete // Ashley Rose// Green Wedding Shoes, Candy Themed Bridal Shower // The Hostess Blog, Heart Bouquet // La Belle Bride, Heart Cake Tutorial // I am Baker, Dabney Gardens Wedding // Sarina Love Photography, W.Scott Chester, Style Unveiled // Betwixt Studios , Wedding Invitations // Love Made Me Do itPlantable Seed Confetti // Sophie Favours, Woodland Heart Cake Topper // Better Off Wed, Neon Wedding Invitations // Paper + Cup // Design Sponge

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  1. I always worry about hearts being a bit predictable but these are such great ideas!

  2. These are lovely ideas straight from the heart and full of heart. I love the way you add beautiful music to the images.

  3. Hearts always bring a smile to my face. What fun creative ways to work them into a wedding!

  4. love this post, i love that pic of the brides footsteps!

  5. Erica – hearts are the best cliché in the world in to my mind, I love them!

    Lauren – *blushes* not really my beautiful music… but thanking you!

    Demoiselle – Hearts make me smile too, they are the happy shape!

    Alexis – heck yes to the heart stands, I love the entire wedding it is utterly amazeybally

    Madison – glad you like it oh Pastel Pirate! x

  6. Errrm, the only thing I can say is… ♥♥♥♥


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