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The Wonderful Hawaii Wedding of Stefanie & Dave

Well, ready for some cavity causing visual candy?

Of course you are! We have no idea why we continue to ask that question.  We are you pixel pushers after all.

Well, we are off to Hawaii for the gorgeous beach wedding of Stefanie & Dave and the lens duties are courtesy of the very talented Chris Simons, we have absolute, complete and total location envy (can you tell that we need a trip… to Hawaii!!).


We are completely crushing on Stefanie’s dress from Theia and you’ve gotta love a groom in pale blue (yes you dave). We are all over this pastel wedding palette.


So, the beautiful wedding scene is set and we want you to drool, tear up some A4 and make confetti at your desk and let the shutter candy good times roll!

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The Gorgeous Mountain Elopement of Aly & Jo

The Gorgeous Mountain Elopement of Aly & Jo

Well, there are two word that make us happy ‘duvet day’, closely followed up by ‘whoopie pie’ but there is a duo which trumps even that pairing and that is – Mountain elopement.

Yes, you lovely lot that is exactly what we are sharing with you today and the wedding that we want you to enjoy vicariously is that of Aly & Jo – and we are going to hand you over to the amazing photographer, Chloe, who lensed these beautiful images.


Aly & Joe are just your typical young couple from England who wanted to do their own thing when it came to their Wedding. Having been engaged for 3 years & on an extremely tight budget coming all the way from England to elope, they could barely afford to hire a photographer. Their cousin just happened to be a very close friend of mine & she told me their story. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to help them out. Little did I know they would be having an incredibly intimate mountain elopement at the most picturesque lake in Alberta.


On the big day, my drive up was a little bit concerning. There were clouds in every direction with not one mountain in sight. I couldn’t see Rundle Mountain from Banff Avenue, when it all of a sudden started to pour with rain. After informing the bride & groom the weather situation their devastation started setting in. We went forth with everything & gathered our gear to hit the road. After about 30 minutes the rain had stopped & the clouds were starting to disappear. We had arrived at Moraine Lake with mountains all around us blanketed in snow, a lake so blue & so still it looks like glass.  A bonus was that there were very little tourists – so it was like we had the lake to ourselves.


These images I poured my heart into. I wanted to not only capture the beauty of our surroundings, but the deepest love these two have for each other. Travelling all the way from England to marry in the mountains, I wanted to make this session my most memorable one yet. I wanted to show their loved ones back home these images, leaving them speechless. I feel absolutely privileged that I was not only a guest at this Wedding, but that I was able to capture it for them.

I gained a great experience & some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever done, but more importantly an amazing new friendship with some of the kindest souls I’ve ever worked with.

With those beautiful words, it is time to let shutter candy begin!

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The Amazing Wedding of Poovra and Endre

The Amazing Wedding of Poovra and Endre

It’s a gorgeous wedding kind of afternoon.  It is all about Poovra and Endre’s stunning day – we’ve got an elephant ride, oh yes! And in case you didn’t catch it you might want to see these amazing images of their engagement.


Incredible traditional outfits


All of which have been captured by Candid Tales.

Candid Tales shared: The photo-story starts by the Groom entering the wedding venue, the groom is welcomes by the Bride’s family and the sisters of the bride make the groom pay some amount to enter the venue. The Bride enters after a while; she’s brought in by the brothers.  The wedding ceremony includes the seven pheras.

So relax wedding lovers and enjoy this beautiful day – let shatter candy being!
















The photographic glory goes to: Candid Tales

The Wonderful Wedding of Tawny & Irv 1.0

The Wonderful Wedding of Tawny & Irv 1.0

This shoot is exactly why editing is the bane of our creative existence.  We didn’t want to leave a single thing out. This is part of the reason the magazine takes soooooooooooo long to do.

Every time we had to skip and image we cried thug tears.

Hardcore tears.

The kind that would drench a Victorian hanky in 2.3 seconds – for this reason this absolutely beautiful wedding of Tawny and Irv is going to be a two part heartbreaker.  It’s just amazing.  If memory serves you well then you might remember that Tawny and Irv where on the blog a while back.

This is the jaw unhooking itself and dropping on the floor pixel magic.  Actually these were so great when we saw them we did the death drop (that’s the great thing about working from home – you can indulge in foolishness) time for shutter candy magic hour from Ben Blood.  Part Two coming up on the morrow!

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