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The Gorgeous Engagement of Mike & Sophie

It’s couple time and we have some gorgeous images from Jamie Waters Photography, and the lovely and in love couple are Mike and Sophie.


We are off to Wiltshire to frolic (visually and not anything else you lot!) in the sunshine with this couple who are the epitome of a sublime Sunday.  Jamie shared:


Mike and Sophie are celebrating their wedding at the Royal Holloway University, a wonderful magnificent building which will surely be the perfect setting for their wedding day. So we thought we would all meet up at the University for a quick recce and then on to Windsor Great Park for some engagement snaps.

A pleasure to photograph these two; fun, relaxed and always up for the odd photo suggestion!

Good times on a sunny Sunday afternoon

Time for us to share the good times here and now and let the shutter candy begin!

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The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 2.0

The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 2.0

July 3, 2014  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings, UK Weddings  |  1 Comment

Well it is sequel time it’s your choice of weapon either you can rubberneck with popcorn – we like ours sweet but we’re not into butter, that’s what imbibing liquid is for we only do greasy hands for chicken, we digress!


You can turn you finance/to-don’t list into confetti and throw it at you screen.  Don’t lie to us or little baby Jesus/Buddha/Zoroaster… pick a deity any deity at all.  We so know that you are viewing this at work.  However, you are entitled to have a little skive and continue on with the rest of Erik & Jess rather gorgeous DIY wedding.

To learn a bit more you can take yourselves over to yesterday’s post, however those of you who are in a less cerebral mood can just look at the super pretty pictures.  Let shutter loveliness from John Hope Photography continue!

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The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 1.0

The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 1.0

July 2, 2014  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings, UK Weddings  |  3 Comments

The Government have had a lot to say of late about sugar, the fact that it is mean and nasty and that it may actually kill you and make you obese and all kinds of other related stuff.

So following nutritional guidelines, so your eyes don’t need whatever the eye equivalent of an insulin shot you are going to get this gorgeous DIY filled wedding from the lens of John Hope in two parts.

That just leaves us to let you know which wedding you have been visually invited to this afternoon and it is the wedding of Erik and Jess, on a gorgeous  family farm so it is – enter John Hope; stage left, to share more morsels about this blood sugar spiking wedding!

This was such a beautiful and heart felt occasion to formally mark a childhood romance come full circle. The emotions and unbounded joy were palpable and it was quite simply a day to be wrapped up in and swept along by. The American boy and West Country girl together at last. Enjoy…

Pull up a seat and enjoy part one – we’ll be coming atcha with part two on the morrow!

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Bea & Duncan's Barbican Engagement

Bea & Duncan’s Barbican Engagement

February 21, 2014  |  Love Shoots, Lovely Couples, UK Weddings  |  5 Comments

London = Home

It is also home to a million chicken shops, actually it is scary how many chicken shops there are; we think it may be some soylent green shenanigans.  Given the horse meat saga… it might be pigeons?  Come on, where did the pigeons really go after they were banished from Trafalgar Square?  Makes you think doesn’t it?

However, London is home to some pretty beautiful locations – now throw in some beautiful soon-to-be-married people and of course we are going to get supper happy.  So, this shoot is at the gorgeous Barbican (it’s the ultimate hide and seek location and had Saddam and Osama been there we truly doubt that either of the pair would have been caught);

But, one pair who did get caught – with no trial or execution – are the lovely and in love Bea and Duncan, who have been shot (no pun we swear that is not a run on from that Osama comment) by Maureen Du Preez, in this fantastic brutalist architecture. Your fun nerd fact of the day is that it was built post war 1960’s and 70’s.

These images were captured before the St Jude storms, however if this couple can make brutalist architecture and rain look good, we’ll think they’ll weather anything… and on that pun we will let go and let shutter candy begin!

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