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Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday Shoesday

These shoes have haunted us ages (happenstance brought them to us via Pinterest), but we have just drooled over them rather than perform the requisite research to find out where these bad boys were from.  Luckily, if you wait around long enough; some other blogger will actually do all the work for you.  So, thanks Rock n Roll Bride, you’re like the friend who does the homework and we get to copy off of you!  (ps. This comes from a rather good article on being selfish, read it kids!)  The Bomb.com shoes are from the amazing Gasoline Glamour so which one of you are buying these for us? eh?

The photographic goes to: Billy Rood via bentrovatoblog

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  1. RT @beyondbeyond365: It ain’t Tuesday unless it is SHOESDAY! http://t.co/BE6hrak8 {Up on the blog} http://t.co/LyEhvZ61 – nice!

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