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So what exactly do I do then…


I am a blogger/writer

If you want to work with me on articles, guest posts, or photography projects… you can always email me at hello@beyondbeyond.co.uk – samples of my writing and abuse of the English language are absolutely everywhere on my blog.

I’m a magazine publisher/designer and editor

You can see the magazine that I created Beyond The Magazine over in the AppStore, it’s good honest… so good it is a finalist for the Digital Magazine Awards. 

I am graphic designer and web designer and my areas of expertise are:

  • Logo design
  • Brand Refreshes
  • Business Stationery Design
  • Web Design and coding

I do pretty and nifty things and I also do brand consultancy work.  To see more of my previous design projects you can visit www.haboglabo.com or to work with me simply email contact@haboglabo.com


I am a stationery and print designer

I have a nice sideline in pretty paper!  You can check me out on www.hellolover.co.uk to see the current design portfolio, and if you want to buy some of the pimped paper- head over to the store.


I am copywriter

I only used to dabble in copywriting for fun, games and my own personal shenanigans; However, I keep getting requests to write for people.  So, Amma is  your girl to work on copy projects and as that comes under branding, you can head over to www.haboglabo.com or just drop me a line at contact@haboglabo.com if you want me to mangle nouns, destroy syntax, and melt brains.

The photographic glory goes to: Lisa Jane Photography


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  1. Hi there! We created a wedding website using a design of yours (“Gameboy”) and it added that “matching” invitations were available. But I did just notice that your shop is under construction.

    We’re looking at sending out our invitations in June and we live in the US. Are matching invitations still an option with you?

    Please do let us know, thank you!

    – Dara (and Adam)

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